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Blessing Water

August 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

mosaics176There are a bunch of methods and everyone has their own. Personally, What I do is add crystals to the water and bless it under the moon light or sunlight depending on the deity you wish it to be blessed by. But really I do a few things, here is the way I do my own blessed water.

Quartz Crystal or Celestite Crystal or whatever crystal you like

  • One moonstone or Agni Gold Danburite depending on whether or not I am invoking the blessing of a solar or lunar deity.
  • You can look up a chant/prayer/blessing of this particular deity, for example: prayer to Ra the sun God or to Selene the Lunar Goddess or create your own.
  • If you want you can also add some herbs to the water (optional) I use Frankincense because it cleanses and protects the soul and well it was and still is used by my ancestors and many other peoples.
  • So I add all the ingredients to a large bowl or vase and sit them out under the sun or under the moon, while I am doing so I call on the deity of my choice (you can call on several if you like) and ask for their permission to bless this water, this natural element of life so that I may be protected and cleansed as well as my home and children etc, then I do my chant/prayer/blessing etc.

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First an artifact was found in Israel which you can read here ( and now experts were investigating whether the “mummy”, which was inside a sarcophagus complete with death mask, canopic jar – used by ancient Egyptians to store removed organs – and other artefacts was a genuine, ancient Egyptian relic, a replica or something entirely different….FULL ARTICLE

From: “The Handbook Of Yoruba Religious Concepts

angel_cassielEven though for the most part I have abandoned my Christian upbringing, there is one part of religion that has always stayed with me, one piece of truth that to me has always been real. Even before I started being introduced to religious concepts by my family, I always, even as a child knew there was something more, at the time, I knew this energy as Angels, yes even before they were introduced to me as angels of the bible. Heavenly messengers here to do Gods work..but why? why was this the one thing I never abandoned when it came to religion? why are angels something that I hold dear and near to me to this very day? to me the answer came to me while reading a book on the spirituality of my people, the Yoruba from west Africa…to the Yoruba peoples it is said, that the beings which we deem as “angels” in all religious context they (the orisha) were created and sent by Oludumare (God) to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. ‘In Judeo-Christian culture’ the word for angels signify their essence . They are called gods, the sons of gods, ministers, servants, watchers, the holy ones. They constitute the court of heaven.

Furthermore it states that even though the Judeo-Christian emphasis is clear, it must be realized that the concepts of angels existed thousands of years before Christianity,  for example, the Yoruba concept of ancestors and orisha as messengers of Oludumare were in effect thousands of years before Christianity. In fact, native people around the world speak of being shown how to perform rituals by these holy messengers, as well as to farm and domesticate animals. Ancient people of every culture depict angels as seen through their cultural eyes. They were helpers in the survival and the raising of their nations. It goes on to say that the belief in angels is about faith and conviction and beveling in Orisha (angels, divinities) in order to ascend to God-consciousness-in order to reach the divine state of human being. Yet, a disruption of this endeavor has been brought about by Christian and Islamic influences. Burnham states, “Islamic angels fell after the creation of humans, but Christian angels fell before the creation of the human race.” the importance here is that Yoruba angels, never fell in respect to divine grace.

Furthermore, I believe strongly that what we humans know as “Angels” are actually Extraterrestrials, or are Extraterrestrials Angels? I believe it doesn’t matter what label we apply to them their task remains the same, messengers of truth and light here to help us humans remember ourselves as part of Oludumare (God) because they are a mirror reflecting back to us our own divinity, reminding us that we too are carriers of truth and light and that at the core of every human being is the desire to love and be loved because we ourselves were born from a loving God.

Permission to repost the experience quoted below granted by my star sistar Sunshine…you can follow her own blog here (


There are quite a few books that also say the same thing though as I always say come to your own conclusion, use discernment and intuition but it’s no coincidence that when I was attending catholic church mass I was experiencing some very bad things, nightmares, horrific attacks by very dark entities although the entities I think were a manifestation of the beliefs imposed on me by the church itself such as the beliefs about demons and hell. The myth that was forced on me that there are demons at every corner out to get my soul manifested very real INNER demons and the fear took over and I was becoming very paranoid, mainly because I was/am very sensitive to energies, I wasn’t fully awakened back then but I was almost fully open, being open and awake to me personally are two different things, you can be open, you are open to energies and your senses are open as well such as your 3rd eye and crown chakra however you’re not always awakened to being consciously aware that your open. For example when I was little I always felt I wasn’t from around here, I always felt there was more to life than what was seen on the surface but I wasn’t aware of what but I could FEEL something.

This is not to say that all churches and church officials are out to close everyone’s 3rd eye or to give every child nightmares, in fact I am not even sure the priests themselves understand what they are doing however I do think that some rituals according to the intent behind them can and do cause damage, the vatican may have done just that, had the intent of using this ritual of placing the cross on the forehead to close peoples 3rd eye and then this intent gets passed down to the churches and priests through the rituals itself, so I would like to say it’s not the priests or the churches themselves that are intending to close people off in such a way, in fact most churches and priests do mean well, it’s the Catholic hierarchy which is the problem…the Vatican and popes who consider themselves the voice of God and that no one can reach God or the “Lord” if not thru them. Many religions have similar practices but as I said it’s the INTENT behind the ritual which causes the most harm.

Sunshine’s Experience:

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