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display_15907332I really hope that movie (hansel and gretel) can now change the consciousness and prejudice some people have towards us witches…but this is what I mean about the battle between light and dark currently being played out behind the scenes on this planet…just last night death and destruction became a peaceful heros choice in the movie Man Of Steel…obviously propaganda from the elite but furthermore a message to all who are “awake” that we better stay hidden, then there is the message that there is no good in the world and that evil is the poison of choice for this world so be hopeless because there is no hope for us…THEN tonight I saw hansel and gretel and it showed that the consciousness IS changing, there IS good in the world, don’t lose hope and that those of us who are “awake” to our true selves can feel free to be who we are as long as we respect the sanctity of life and the free will of others and that love and compassion and goodness is the way, not evil and darkness and imposing our free will on others which is what the bad/dark witches were doing by spelling others. Also, the movie detailed how those who are imposing their will on others are being watched, even dealt with which brings us to the sudden wonderful message below I received from the Anunnaki.

Sure the lines between darkness and light are blurred BUT, there IS negativity in the world and to think otherwise is a delusion, the movie showed that for once in a VERY long time, since organized religion we are at a time when we can BE ourselves …or maybe I am just looking too deeply into this but I have always for some reason been able to read between the lines of movies…it’s just something I have done for ages..I KNOW there is a battle being waged on our planet right now between the forces of peace and the forces of war…the forces of peace are winning but it’s a hard battle, the forces of war are so much more ruthless and conniving, they will literally do whatever it takes to win while the forces of peace fight fairly.

The Dream/Message From The Aununnaki

Regardless, this “war” is so much bigger than what many could ever imagine, it goes beyond the scope of human understanding because personally I think what is really happening is that these forces aren’t beings or people, I had a dream last night in which I was shown the battle and it was so much more than what many imagine a war to be, this so called battle is being fought on the highest levels of universal, maybe even multiversal consciousness, rather than a battle of wills it is a battle between energetic forces, no not aliens, more like energy. In the dream what I saw was that it was time for the awakened christos consciousness to rule again as the antichristic energy had already ruled for many, many eons. This was the time of liberation for all souls on Gaia/New Earth. As is common on all worlds there are times of peace and times of war…our world has existed for so long in the time of war and oppression by the forces of war but this served our enlightenment as well.

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